Clear Braces

Andrew offers a range of clear braces including invisalign to straighten your teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

Susan’s experience 

Until I had the treatment, I spent all my adult life trying to hide my protruding and crooked teeth. In every photo I have my mouth closed and a stilted half-smile, and in every conversation every time I laughed I was conscious of trying to cover my teeth.

It was a big decision to have my teeth straightened and, right until the day the braces were fitted, I worried about them being uncomfortable, the treatment being painful, about what people would think about the braces.

I needn’t have worried at all! Although the braces took a little bit of getting used to they were rarely uncomfortable and a lot of people didn’t notice them. The team who carried out my treatment were brilliant – I always knew what would be happening next and what I could expect to experience along the way. The most surprising thing was the number of people who knocked on my office door to find out more about the treatment because they were interested in whether their teeth could be improved.

My treatment took six months, and I took photos each month along the way. It was amazing how quickly my teeth started to move and straighten. I’m absolutely thrilled by the result. The biggest thing is that it is such a relief to just be able to laugh and smile without worrying about how I look!

Susan, Clear Braces

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